About Us & Our Clients

Founded as IP Solutions in 2004, Coller IP is a specialist in strategic, commercial intellectual property management and valuation. We deliver a full professional IP service designed to meet the needs of both established and new enterprises in the new economy. Our vision is for IP to be fully recognised as a tradable business asset; our focus is to help you realise value from your intangible assets.
We believe that good IP management requires a deep appreciation of both IP law and commercial business management issues. We call this our TLC for IP approach. Our patent and trade mark attorneys, consultants, advisors and financial and legal affiliates have a team approach to ensure that all angles are covered and that we communicate effectively.
We are both strategic and practical. We work closely with our clients to understand the business issues they face both now and in the longer term. Coller IP provides the full suite of IP business services. We provide packages specifically designed to help business boards understand, review and implement actions to enhance the value that IP adds to their business – aligning IP with business objectives and packages specifically designed to support investors in making investment decisions. Our technology base covers many key sectors.
The history of our development has been published by the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys.
Coller IP has a number of working partnerships that enhance its specialist offerings. It is a an alliance partner of TPA Global and a member of IBSA and founder of INTIPSA. We also support the UK Intellectual Property Office, WIPO CIPA, ITMA, the Oxfordshire Project and the British Library’s Business and IP Centre and other Government programmes through their IP awareness raising initiatives.
Coller IP has over 450 clients and a selection are featured in the case studies below.

From childhood I have had a passion for invention, I am excited about the contribution Coller IP can make

Jeremy Coller