International IP Projects

We work closely with the boards of all types of organisations to support their decision-making processes. Our combination of strategic legal, technical and commercial expertise is proving invaluable to clients in both the private and public sectors, whether they are established corporates, new start-ups or Government enterprises. Our strategists are experienced and globally recognised, engaging in projects around the world.
In meeting our clients’ needs, whether that is for strategic IP direction, valuation, protection or monetisation, our activities have taken us directly to clients in many different locations. We are engaged further with over 150 associate firms in a wide range of countries and 90 jurisdictions to provide specific expertise throughout Europe, North America, South America, South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australasia.
Our global activities

Coller IP has been instrumental in assisting SCG’s drive to be the leader in IP best practice management within the ASEAN region and beyond. Their role in setting up internal IP valuation capabilities has supported SCGs continuous drive for innovation and corporate ventures. We are happy to continue our relationship with Coller IP in the future.

Yingyong Tanthanapongphan, Senior Manager – IP Management Corporate Technology Office, SCG