Create revenue from your investments into intellectual property

An increasing number of companies are investing in IP and are recognising it as a valuable asset. We understand however that achieving a successful IP investment, sale or licensing deal is a challenging process where specialist skills, networks and relationships are required. Coller IP provides IP brokers and guidance for those wishing to secure a deal or gain market access.

In order to grow, companies often wish to acquire IP assets. Coller IP identifies targets through its networks and uses a flexible approach to secure a successful IP transaction and transfer of assets.

We welcome contact from companies and individuals that own IP and wish to develop it or who wish to reap rewards from IP investment by successfully trading IP, negotiating a sale or purchase or completing a licensing deal.

In relation to our Technology Invention House, we are particularly interested in intellectual property related to environmental or communication technologies in their broadest sense, whether the core ideas explicitly relate to telecoms, or have novel applications relevant to healthcare, displays, automotive, encryption, audio-visual, diagnostics or other areas.

“I have recently had cause to seek advice with regards to the IP, royalties and licensing associated with a new and complex solution to support a large environmental initiative. The participants in the initiative require a return on the funding they are putting into this development, and the mechanisms are complex and potentially onerous to our company. Coller IP provided invaluable support to my company; they were very quick to understand the technology, its application, the potential future market it might generate, and were able to advise my company on the most appropriate, low risk solutions to providing the participants with a return they found acceptable.”
Richard Davies, Commercial Manager, Fugro GEOS Limited.

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