Do you invest in technology companies and portfolios?

We provide clear and definite opinions, both commercial and legal as to the status of the IP that underpins a potential investment. Our due diligence can take the form of informal and brief headline summary of the key issues right the way through to a formal legal opinion. We don’t just look at the intellectual property, we also consider the wider intangible assets contained in the people, the market attractiveness and competitive differentiation.

We also provide valuations and evaluations of IP as required to underpin the deal and to provide you with additional reassurance on the potential returns on your investment.

What our clients say…

“Like many VCs, WHEB Ventures takes IP very seriously and we spend a great deal of time validating the strength of intellectual property during due diligence on prospective investments. The value of a company on exit is dependent on the ability of the purchaser to continue to monetise technological advantages so an in depth look at the robustness of IP before investment is critical. Involving a value-adding and commercial IP consultant can be very effective, both for due diligence but also in terms of giving valuable commercial advice to guide the short and medium IP strategy for the investee company.”
Rob Wylie, Partner at WHEB Ventures

“Your report was excellent and provided just what we needed. This information proved of great value to Icos Capital during negotiations and for the company in their IP / patent roadmap development .“
Nityen Lal, General Partner.

“We were particularly pleased that the IP review was of strategic use to the company as well as to OCP and other investors. As well as providing IP due diligence, Coller IP’s in-depth understanding of the subject manner and market opportunity brought a new and valuable insight to the investment.”
Rebecca Todd, Investment Manager at Oxford Capital Partners