Market and competitor studies that provide strategic insight

Coller IP provides advice and services to organisations wishing to commercialise their intangible assets. Our tools and techniques enable clients to make appropriate IP and market-related decisions as they commercialise products and services.

With a close eye on the way that IP needs to be legally protected, we guide organisations through the stages required to commercialise intellectual capital, from initial idea to product launch. Searching and analysing the Landscape of pre-existing IP is an important step. Working to set the assets of value to the business into a commercial context, we then provide clients with a strategy and process to manage their route to market.

We work with clients from all sizes of organisations to look closely at how to gain greater value from existing IP portfolios and hidden assets.

Our IP landscaping tools and analytical techniques reveal competitor and market information that is not available through standard searches, allowing clients to develop their portfolio ahead of the competition. We also provide IP analysis to identify and support licensing deals.

We work with our clients to provide hands-on advice and practical guidance through all stages of taking new ideas, products and services to market.

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