Managing, Protecting, Valuing and Trading Your Assets

Clever IP management requires attention to detail and involves activities that are challenging for many busy managers. A IP management strategy often requires IP to be identified, captured, protected and kept under regular review. Having the insight and experience of IP specialists can help to overcome the challenges of efficient and productive IP operations.

We act both as in-house IP managers and as external mentors. We also work comfortably in communicating at and between Board, R&D, Commercial, Marketing and Financial functions which is often a requirement, especially when working for our larger corporate clients. As necessary we can also help you to appoint and/or train within your IP functions.

Patent and Trade Mark attorney services forms part of our service offering for managing IP assets, but our perspective is much broader than that. It involves understanding exactly how to gain the best return from investment in IP. The objectives for managing IP effectively might be wide ranging such as showing value on the balance sheet, defending a market position, asserting rights, preparing a portfolio to trade, structuring, cutting costs, preparing for an IPO or growing future revenue. Whatever the reason, Coller IP has proprietary approaches, systems, databases, procedures, benchmarking and reporting tools to aid IP management and help you achieve your goals.

We are adept at aligning IP portfolios to meet business objectives to ensure that the portfolios add value to the business, that they are regularly reviewed and that unecessary prosecution and maintence costs are avoided. Our experts and systems manage the protection and assessment of large and complex portfolios. Where appropriate, we can find buyers for redundent or non-core IP too.