We help you realise the value of your intellectual property

IP Matters

We work closely with the boards of all types of organisations to support their decision-making by helping them place a value on the intangible assets they have today and then develop them for the future. Our combination of strategic legal, technical and commercial expertise is proving invaluable to clients in both the private and public sectors, whether they are established corporates, new start-ups or Government enterprises. Our strategists are experienced and globally recognised. We work with board rooms around the world.

Our vision is for your IP to be a tradable business asset, for IP to be an item on your board agenda and for it to be fully aligned with your business objectives.
Our approach is to identify, in tandem with key decision makers, the main strategic IP issues associated with your enterprise’s goals, including protection, cost effectiveness and return on investment. We work with you to agree a clear and detailed action plan, and offer specialists, support and advice to implement it at all levels within the organisation.

Our strategic plans provide solutions to current business issues, whether they are related to brand marketing, technology transfer, competition R&D commercialisation, cost control or structure. They prepare both small and large companies for growth and events such as M&A, IPO, other fundraising, licensing negotiations and exit.

“Coller IP has advised us on our IP portfolio from the outset as our company has grown and progressed through multiple financings. Their ability to help position our IP as a strategic asset both during steady state growth and fund raising has been invaluable. Their patent prosecution and defence of the portfolio have also been of the highest standard, and provides significant contextual added value and differentiation because of their innate legal, commercial and technical understanding.”
David Hipkiss, CEO, Prosonix Ltd

Prosonix built a robust IP portfolio and IP strategy and gained a highly successful return on its investment; the company was acquired by Circassia Plc.