Award-winning experts in IP Valuation for M&A, IPO, insolvency, share issue, probate, divorce, tax planning, damage assessments and licensing negotiations

We have been accredited as leading experts in IP Valuation. Recognising the growing importance of intellectual property as a business asset, we offer both valuation and evaluation of IP at all levels from initial assessment through to full due diligence.

We offer a very different approach to most other companies. With us, you can be sure that you have a firm view as the basis for your business decisions whether you are planning to invest in an enterprise, sell it, restructure, develop a product, settle a dispute, or prepare for a major event such as an IPO or insolvency.

We offer not only commercial evaluation of all intangible assets including intellectual property and inventions, but also provide firm professional opinion as to their legal and commercial robustness. Our opinions are clearly stated; our clients are not left to interpret legal jargon. We assess the validity of IP portfolios and the freedom for an enterprise to operate and use its technology and processes.

These assessments require an analysis of IP, particularly patents in the context of the global competition and range from summary assessments to formal legal opinions for due diligence.

For investors, insolvency practitioners lawyers, accountants and pension fund managers who need to understand the key IP issues within a business proposition, we provide objective views on the value, robustness and market attractiveness of the IP portfolio in question.

“Coller IP assisted us with IP valuation in connection with administration of a large retail-sector company – we found their valuation very effective and their fast response enabled us to complete the process on an urgent and short timescale”
Sam Hancock, KPMG

“Coller undertake a large amount of the IP valuation work in connection with our activities in the SSAS market. I have no doubt whatsoever that their services would be of use with regards to insolvency situations whereby IP is a consideration both in terms of valuation & contention. In all our dealings with Coller, they have been outstanding.”
Anthony Carty, Director, Clifton Asset Management plc.

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Our IP independent valuations support, M&A, IPO, insolvency, share issue, probate, divorce, tax planning, damage assessments and licensing negotiations and we also advise on appropriate and comparator royalty rates to help shape a deal. Our valuations are recognised as valid and appropriate by those requiring transparency and robustness, for example, courts, arbitrators, regulators and tax authorities.

We are associate partners of TPA global and members of the International Business Structuring Association

We provide patent valuations, trademark valuations and valuations of other intangible assets including registered and unregistered design rights, domain names, websites, copyright, relationship capital, contracts and brands.