Controlling your costs in protecting your most valuable assets

Filing and getting your patent, trade mark or design granted is only half way of the journey, a maintenance (renewal) fee is required (in almost all cases) to sustain the rights to the intellectual property protected. These costs can rise significantly but, unknown to many, are predictable to an extent.

Our renewal services provide a highly cost effective mechanism for managing the annuity payments required for the different forms of IP.

Our paralegals undertake all formalities and provide a confidential, comprehensive service for patent, design and trade mark renewals, liaising with clients and our renewals agent, to ensure that all critical deadlines are met and that formalities are correctly completed and recorded.

We have established procedures, systems and processes in place for sending out reminders to our clients and ensuring that our renewals agent is properly instructed on a monthly basis as and when required. Our paralegals provide information showing renewal fee deadlines with estimated costs for cases from all jurisdictions, allowing efficient administration of renewal instructions to the highest standard on a cost effective basis.

On occasion our clients prefer to defer renewal payments for cash flow and other reasons and our systems provide an efficient and effective process for managing overdue renewal fee notices from the UKIPO and other national offices.

For clients that have large patent portfolios, our systems and databases allow for forecasting of annuity payments which facilitates budgeting and cost control.

At Coller IP, we provide competitive rates for maintenance fees and provide insight when costs are to be expected as part of the strategic IP management advice.

We welcome your enquiry and the opportunity to quote for your portfolio.