Intellectual Property Services

IP Management with a difference…
Coller IP goes beyond traditional patent and trade mark attorney services: we help you pinpoint and monetise the value in your business. Our approach to commercialisation is applicable for all sizes of organisation from start ups to multinationals – in fact anyone who wishes to gain greater value from their intellectual property portfolio and hidden intangible assets. We work with our clients to deliver a step change in commercial results.
Our experienced, inter-disciplinary team includes business, technology and marketing consultants, IP specialists and patent and trade mark attorneys, who work with organisations of all sizes to develop and commercialise innovative ideas to their best possible advantage.
We extend beyond Patent and Trade mark attorney services to provide IP Strategy, competitor analysis, IP Audits, Training, independent IP Valuations, Brokering and clear Legal Opinions. Working with us, you can be confident of the value of your intellectual property investments and how to protect them.
Our services explained
Patent & Trade Mark Attorney Services encompassing professional patent, trade mark, design and copyright prosecution and management for individuals and organisations of all sizes.
IP Valuation (and Opinion) covers IP valuations, evaluations, commercial and legal IP advice, for investees, investors, intermediaries, buyers and sellers.
IP Strategy, for those in the Boardroom and elsewhere who wish to pin point the value in their business and develop an action plan to grow it.
IP Landscaping and Analysis for businesses, universities and public sector research establishments wanting to carry out market and competitor studies in order to extract value from IP
IP Due Diligence. for investors wishing to understand the value of the IP in target acquisitions.
IP Portfolio Management for established businesses wishing to gain greater return on their investment and managed costs.
IP Brokering supports those wishing to monetise their IP investments, to buy and sell IP, or negotiate a licensing or cross licensing deal.
IP Training best in class IP training from basic to masterclass level
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